DMX ToolBox specializes in designing DMX boards for professional and novice installers, taking into account technical constraints and specific needs.

Our DMX cards

Our D2V product range gives you total control over your DMX lighting installation.

Relay series

For On/Off (TOR) control

Static series

Solid-state or transitoriented relays

Series fluo

Cut-off for fluorescent tubes

Dummy load

Load resistor for dimmer

Static memory

Stores up to 8 configurations

Easy led

Self-addressing card and push-button

Our customized solutions

DMXToolbox is constantly developing customized solutions to meet your most specific needs and constraints. Whether you’re an installer, electrician, technician or project manager, we’ll meet your needs by analyzing your requirements and possibilities, and providing you with the right answers.

Let's invent a solution for your project together

Our cards are developed according to your needs and projects. Every problem has its solution!

Our customized solutions

Discover D2V's philosophy

For large-scale projects, installations requiring control of hundreds or even thousands of DMX channels, and light design creations, our flagship product, D2V-DMX, is there to meet your needs. The D2V-DMX is a must-have for ambitious electricians, installers, technicians and light designers.

Its advantages

Made in France

French quality

Dedicated after-sales service